Uptown Kitchen and Bar in Springfield

“Up Town funk you up!  Said Up Town funk you up!”  

Sorry guys, I couldn’t help myself!  Haha!

Isn’t it crazy when someone new in town introduces you to restaurant in the town you’ve been living in for years?  I guess you can’t know about everything but Uptown is definitely some good eats I have been missing out on. My friend Yuri and I ventured out to Uptown Kitchen and Bar after she raved about how great they were.  Tucked away in the Springfield neighborhood, near downtown Jax, this restaurant is definitely a hidden gem.  I’ve since been back a few times and every time, I’m more and more impressed with the food.

During my most recent visit, I went in ready to order the Shrimp and Andouille Sausage with Grits.  The dinner menu didn’t start until 5pm and it was 4:30pm so lunch was still being served.  We decided to sit, order mimosas, and wait 30 minutes.  It was well worth the wait because both of our dishes were incredible.

This was my dish and it was full of flavor.   It was loaded with juicy shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and savory sausage.  The spinach and portobello mushroom were perfect additions to the shrimp and sausage.  The flavors were very complimentary of each other.

These Mimosas were pretty good!

My friend ordered the fried chicken and creamed collard greens.  So quick story, I was a full grown adult before I tried collard greens for the first time.  

It just wasn’t something that we ate growing up.

When I moved to Florida, Jacksonville to be exact, I was served my first plate of collard greens with hot sauce and a piece of cornbread on the side.  I haven’t turned back since.

Now back to these creamed collards.  BOMB dot COM!  I have never had greens, let alone creamed greens,  that tasted this amazing!  It was my friend’s dish but In scooped out at least half of her greens.  Amazing! The fried chicken was cooked perfectly as well.  The outside had that perfect crisp and the inside was juicy! Everything was so good!

Make sure you go at the right time if you want entrees like the ones I mentioned previously.  The lunch menu only serves salads and sandwiches.

Now don’t get me wrong, the sandwiches are great too!

This was the Yard Bird sandwich.  It was made with grilled chicken breast, bacon, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese.  It was super tasty and very filling.  Of course, it was served with a side of fries.  my friend ordered the hot turkey on Rye which was amazing as well.  For sandwiches, they were very flavorful and worth going back for.

I want to try breakfast or brunch the next time I visit Uptown.  From what I hear, the buckwheat pancakes are everything and so are the fried green tomatoes.  My experiences at Uptown thus far have been pleasant.  It reminds me of an posh diner.  The food is amazing and the service has always been exceptional!  They get an A in my book!

I’d love to know your thoughts if you try them out!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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