Yellow Romper…Created My Own Sunshine

Hi Dolls,

Last summer, right around this time, my friend and I took a group of amazing young ladies on a once in a lifetime trip to The Ancient Mediterannean.  We visited Italy and Greece and it was literally EVERYTHING I could’ve imagined and more.  The day before we visited The Colosseum, our tour guide said “I want everyone to wear yellow tomorrow!”  We didn’t know why but the next day we all wore yellow and he told us that the color signifies warmth, happiness, laughter, cheerfulness, etc.  He gave us his own personal story behind why he loved the color so much and all day people were wondering, and some even asked, why we all wore yellow.  When we explained it, they would smile and nod in agreement.  It gave us the opportunity to “create our own sunshine!”

yellow romper

When I was younger, I would steer clear of yellow clothing because a long time ago someone told me the color was too bright for darker skin toned black women.  RIDICULOUS, I know!  It’s definitely one of my favorite colors for clothing now.  It is beautiful on anyone, especially on deep brown skin.  Someone told me it makes us look as though we’re glowing from within.  I love it!yellow romper

Why are people so judgy anyways?  I’ve heard some of the craziest things over the years about what black women should or shouldn’t wear.

yellow romper

 I’ve heard we she stay away from brightly colored lipsticks and nude colors.  I happen to love a nude or pink lippie.  It’s all about how you blend things.  The most perplexing to me is that black women shouldn’t wear hair extensions because it shows you don’t love yourself {insert eye-roll here}.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting a few extra inches on Monday and rocking a natural fro on Friday.  We like options people!

yellow romper

Can we live?!?!  We have this one life to live!  It’s so crazy how folks get so consumed with what others are doing with their hair, their clothing, their lives, and in the meantime they’re missing out on what’s happening in their own lives.

yellow romper

Anywho, back to this super cute look!  I got this darling romper from Fashion Nova , who by the way, recently started selling men’s clothing!  I am so in love with this OTS romper!  It so comfortable  and I love how flowy it is.  You would almost think it’s a dress but they’re shorts!  There’s a peep slit in the front so it’s very flirty.  Here are some similar looks below you can check out as well!

You’ve seen these fabulous earrings before.  I got them a long, long time ago at a Natural Hair Show and Convention.  I’ve been on a look out for similar ones ever since.  These animal print wedges are old as well from good ole Shoe Dazzle!

yellow romper

Moral of the story,  wear what ever makes you feel good and don’t forget to smile!  When you do those things, you create your own sunshine.  Have a great weekend loves and as always, thanks so much for reading!



  1. Faith
    June 15, 2018 / 1:05

    I love wearing yellow! It's my favorite color 🙂 You look fabulous! I love that we can live by our own rules 🙂

    • willworkforheels
      June 30, 2018 / 1:05

      Thanks Faith! It’s such a pretty color!

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