Yellow and White Striped Dress? Absolutely!

Hi Dolls,

I remember the first time I wore a striped dress to school and one of my students said “Ms…. I like your dress but you’re missing a stripe.”  Yall…I’m not going to lie, I was looking at my dress like “Noooo wayyy!!! Really???” thinking the print was off some how.  When the student started laughing I realized,  haha, joke was on me!  It was in the beginning of my teaching career, at the high school level, and to be completely honest, I was mad at the fact that I let a 15 year old “play me”.  Truth be told, I let that miniscule student joke (which come a dime a dozen) dictate my sense of style for years.  For the longest time I thought that striped clothing wasn’t cool or whatever…then I came to my fashion senses.  I’m here to tell you that a striped dress, polka dots, and all the colors of the rainbow at the same time, is totally cool if that’s what you want to wear!

yellow and white striped maxi dress

Who came up with fashion rules, anyways?  Seriously.  I want to know.  Who decided they were the end all be all answer for what fashion should be?  I have to give one of my favorite style icons, Iris Apfel, some credit.  She said “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess.  The key to style is knowing who you are, which takes years.  There’s no how-to road map to style.  It’s about self-expression, and, above all, attitude.”  I couldn’t agree more!  Sure fashion changes year in and out but how you style your clothing speaks for you!yellow and white striped maxi dress

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Trice, this striped dress is cute, I don’t see the problem.”  and I totally agree but my point is that for the longest time, I let the judgement of others dictate to me that wearing stripes was not okay.  Silly right?

yellow and white striped maxi dress

Well, I am so happy that I am passed the point of not giving a flying hoot (for a lack of better words) what others think about my choice of clothing.  I wear what makes me feel great and this darling Charlotte Russe yellow and white striped dress is fabulous to me!  Not to mention the fact that they are yellow stripes, adds to my adoration for this dress.  In fact the color of the stripes may have played a major factor in why I purchased this dress to begin with, but I digress.yellow and white striped maxi dress{Shop Similar Looks Below}


In all honesty, I love this look.  Especially for the summer.  The maxi dress is super light and breathable and the colorful stripes make it a fun piece to style.  I choose to add my favorite multi-colored Circus Earrings from Conscious Statement and my favorite multi-colored clutch from Scout and Molly’s Boutique!  I think the variety of colors complimented the yellow and white stripes nicely, wouldn’t you say?yellow and white striped maxi dress

My white mules tied the look together!  Since my outfit was so colorful, I kept my shoes simple yet fabulous!

yellow and white striped maxi dress

Moral of the story, wear whatever makes you feel great!  Don’t let someone (especially a child)  make you feel like your favorite outfit  isn’t worthy of wearing because it isn’t their choice of clothing.  That is, once again, the beauty of style!


As always, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a fabulous day and try wearing something out of the norm this week!




  1. August 8, 2018 / 1:05

    You look absolutely gorgeous. Pretty dress, pretty color, and lovely shoot location.

    • Trice
      August 9, 2018 / 1:05

      Thank you so much!

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