Jumpers for Different Body Types

Hi Dolls,

Earlier this week, one of my coworkers said “You are the Queen of Jumpers!  You have so many cute ones!”.  I thought about it and ummm yeah, I guess I kind of do own several jumpers and rompers.  They’re so comfortable and versatile which makes getting dressed at 5am a lot easier on those days when I’m too sleepy to get extra jazzy for work.  However, this outfit is another faux jumper!  It’s a separate top and bottom, this time purchased from the same store.  I know it totally looks like a jumper and all day I got compliments along the lines of “Cute jumper!” but it’s just me being super matchy matchy.  I will definitely create more looks switching out the top or bottom but until then, please enjoy this cute and completely uniformed outfit! Jumpers for all body types

I got this super cute duo from Steps New York,  during my last visit to Orlando.  Each piece was on sale for $9 bucks so I had to get them both.  Steps is definitely one of my favorite places to hit up when I visit Orlando.  They have the cutest unique and trendy pieces!  It’s located at the Florida Mall and Zara, another fav of mine, is right across from it.  I make my rounds every visit!Jumpers for all body types

So back to jumpers, I recently discovered, after speaking with a few friends, that some don’t care for jumpers and rompers.  The common reason was that they could never find one that looks right on their body type. I completely get it and although I have my fair share of jumpers and rompers,  I have to try them on before buying to make sure the fall nicely.   I’ve since discovered which ones look right on me and have a few tips for those who may struggle with finding the perfect “adult” onesie for your body type!Jumpers for all body types

1.) Bottom Curvy Ladies (Pear-Shaped):  I fall into this category!  Show-off that collarbone and silhouette those hips!  I try to go for off-the-shoulder jumpers or jumpers that have a detailed top and neutral bottom that falls nicely over the hips.

2.) Tall Ladies:  For you statuesque dolls, wide-leg, long and flowy jumpers are beautiful on you!  I remember when my girl Stephanie, over at The Borrowed Babes, who stands a good 6 feet tall, completely slayed her red flowy jumper at the St. Johns Town Center VIP dinner last year!

3.) Short and Petite:  Cropped and skinny leg jumpers are ideal for this body type.  It tapers your small stature where a jumper that is too flowy might swallow you up.

4.) All Around Curvy (Apple-Shape):  A jumper that cinches in the waistline is ideal for this body type.  There are so many ruched or blousy jumpers that are flattering to the mid-section.

 {Check out some really cute jumpsuits I’m crushing on, above!}

Jumpers for all body types

I’m pretty sure you can put yourself in one of these categories and if you’ve ever had a hard time finding the right jumper for your frame, try one of these tips next time you’re shopping around and let me know if it worked out for you!  As always, thanks for stopping by!  I see a long weekend on the horizon!



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