Learn Something New Everyday!

Hi Dolls,

Most of you know I am a school teacher and though this is a rarity when it comes to my classroom, some kids really dislike school and the whole process of learning new things.  I believe part of what makes my teaching so effective, is the fact that I try to differentiate my instructions and make the learning process as fun, hands-on, relatable, and interesting as possible.  Whether you’re a child, or an adult, everyone has different styles of learning and you just have to know which style is best for you and once you do, the sky is the limit for the knowledge you can obtain!   Ok… so let me take the teacher hat off for a sec, here are a few things I didn’t know before taking these pictures:Pink Floyd Learn Something New Everyday

1.) A single song by Pink Floyd.  I learned that they had a song about The Dark Side of The Moon that seems to be pretty popular.  I promised a friend that I would listen to it because it is a classic hit, so don’t worry friend, I will! Pink Floyd Learn Something New EverydayWhen I first saw this graphic tee, I was enamored by all of the pretty colors so I purchased it!  Before rocking it, I was inclined to learn a little something about the iconic rock stars I’d be wearing for this look!Pink Floyd Learn Something New Everyday

2.)  How to NOT smile in picture, ON PURPOSE…come on now, are you serious?

  You’re going to get these big cheeks today!  In all of my years of blogging, I still haven’t quite got the whole not smiling thing down so until that happens, I’ll be showing all 32!  If you ever see a non-smiling pic of me, it’s because my photographer captured it in mid- smile lol!Pink Floyd Learn Something New Everyday  3.)  How to keep my hat brim straight.  My friend, Yuri taught me her secret!  She said to iron the brim with starch then use a hat insert to keep the shape.  Both things that seem pretty self-explanatory that I didn’t even think of. Pink Floyd Learn Something New EverydayMoral of the story, learn something new everyday!  Pink Floyd Learn Something New EverydayI told myself a long time ago that I would challenge myself to learn something new everyday!  I challenge you to do the same!  Being a lifelong learner is fun and keeps your brain cells engaged, boosts your confidence, improves your mental health and at the end of the day, knowledge is power!  Pink Floyd Learn Something New Everyday

The more you know, the better off you’ll be!

As for my look, I recently purchased the graphic tee at Ross but the other items are old pieces from my closet!  I love classic pieces that can always be re-purposed!

Hat and Jacket:  Forever 21~  Skirt:  H&M ~ Heels:  JustFab~  Pink Floyd Graphic Tee: Ross Dress for Less

I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to find them in the store but feel free to shop similar looks below!

Again I challenge you to learn something new everyday!  What’s something new you’ve learned today?  Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for stopping by!

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