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Everyone should know by now that I was completely blown away by the Rodizio-style dining concept the very first time I ate at a Brazilian Steakhouse in my early 20’s.  I kept thinking, “Seriously?  You’re going to keep bringing me different cuts of meat until I say no more?  No, like for real, this is a thing?”  I didn’t properly prepare for the feast that ensued because by the time I left, I was literally in pain from overeating!  Since then, I’ve been to another Churrascaria in town but the newest to open is Texas de Brazil and it may very well be my favorite to date.   Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

 Maybe because I’m partial to it originating from my home state of Texas, maybe because the food and service was phenomenal, or maybe it’s because all of the above!Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

So let’s start with the decor!  I absolutely love the red walls!  With the beautiful mirrors, gold accents, and the incredible flower arrangement in the center of the restaurant, the decor makes for a very pleasant dining experience, aesthetically.Texas de Brazil Giftcard GiveawayLike all of the Brazilian/ Churrascaria steakhouses I’ve dined at in the past, there is a soup and salad bar but this one, at Texas de Brazil,  is way more expansive than others I’ve been to.  There was a plethora of options ranging from lobster bisque, gourmet artisan breads, sushi, imported cheeses, charcuterie, shrimp salad, sauteed mushrooms, feijoada, jasmine rice, fresh vegetables, and so much more.

Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

One could definitely enjoy the salad bar alone.

Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

The soup du jour this particular evening was a lobster bisque and it was quite decadent.  I could’ve easily been satisfied with that alone…yeah right who am I kidding?!?!  It was good, but I definitely wanted “The Meats”!Texas de Brazil Giftcard GiveawayTexas de Brazil Giftcard GiveawayI am a meat lover and I do have my carnivorous ways so I was fully prepared to consume several ounces of meat during my visit!  But, before I get into what I indulged in, let me tell you a little more about Texas de Brazil.  It is a family-owned, Brazilian-American Steakhouse that, as you read earlier,  originated in Texas back in 1998.  To my surprise, it is the largest Brazilian-American steakhouse in the world and the new Jacksonville location is the 10th restaurant to open in the state of Florida. Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

Guests will be able to enjoy authentic churrasco, which is where all meats are grilled to perfection over natural wood charcoal.  They can also look forward to the rodizio-style dining experience.Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

The premium meat options were endless, varying from beef ribs, which were my fav, Brazilian picanha (sirloin), lamb chops, filet mignon, leg of lamb, Parmesan-crusted pork loin, bacon wrapped chicken breast, sausage and more.

Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

The servers come around several times throughout your meal to serve the meat, carved tableside.   You signal them using the red and green discs to let them know if you need a break or if you want to keep eating.   It’s all you can eat folks!

Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

Believe me, if you’re a true meat-lover, it’s hard to say no to skewers of delicious, aromatic, sizzling, and flavorful cuts of meat but you’ve definitely got to exercise some restraint to keep from getting the “meat sweats” and a belly ready to burst at the seams.  Nevertheless, the rodizio-style dining is unique and a welcomed change of pace from the average dining experience.  Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

Now there is just no way, you can enjoy all of these delicious cuts of meat with out an adult beverage to wash it all down with.  Texas de Brazil has a commendable wine collection from all around the world as well as their own varietals, bottled in Chile.

Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

However, my drink of choice for the evening was the Caipirinhas.  It’s one of Brazils most famous cocktails made with muddled lime, simple syrup, and cuchasa.  It was absolutely divine!   Speaking of amazing drinks, you can enjoy this one as well as their private label wines, and other cocktails at Happy Hour for $5, Monday-Friday from 4:30pm-6pm.  We’re getting closer to Christmas break and if you’re a fellow teacher reading this, you know how the middle of the year is!  With that being said, Texas de Brazil is on my long list of Happy Hour go-tos for sure!  The Caipirinhas is a must-try!Texas de Brazil Giftcard Giveaway

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Texas de Brazil Churrascaria for yourself and even if you have, today may be your lucky day!  I’ve partnered with Wendy’s Bloggers to do a $100 giveaway for a Texas de Brazil gift card, right in time for the holidays!  Please read the details below and enter in for your chance to win!

“Dine at Texas de Brazil any time of year!”

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Texas De Brazil 20th Anniversary

Texas De Brazil 20th Anniversary

I participated in the Texas de Brazil Campaign on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers.  My guests and I received complimentary meals to facilitate this post, but the opinions, creative content, and photographs are my own.

To everyone who enters, good luck!  If you happen to visit Texas de Brazil in the meantime, please share your experience on social media so we can all drool over the amazing food you’ll be enjoying!


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