Use Your Power to Empower

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Did the Vital Voices x Target collab happen right in time for the November Elections or what!?!  When I saw this “Use Your Power to Empower” tee on the racks, I cued the pelicans from Finding Nemo, “Mine…Mine!  I immediately fell in love with it and decided to do a little research on Vital Voices and discovered that they are a non-profit organization who amplify the work of female leaders bringing about positive change all over the world.  What’s not to love about that?!?  It always makes me feel good to do some good!  As a blogger, I prefer to use my platform to bring about positivity as much as possible.  I encourage people to try new foods, keep people informed about things happening in and around town,  and provide cute looks to inspire ways to dress on a budget!  Yesterday, election day,  I used my platform to share why I felt exercising the right to vote is so important.  Being an “Influencer”  is great but more importantly, I am an educator who spends a great deal of my time around children.  Teenagers to be exact, and I feel like I definitely have an influential platform I can use to encourage, inspire, and empower our youth.  It doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom though!  Here are 5 ways you can help empower the younger generation!  They are the future after all!Use Your Power to Empower

1.) Share personal stories of success that will motivate them and always encourage them to follow their dreams.  It doesn’t matter how big or small you think their dreams are, let them know that they’ll always have your support.  The real world can be such a mean place so it’s important they know there’s always a supportive space with you to help foster their goals and aspirations.Use Your Power to Empower

2.)  Allow them to have a voice!  Let them know that their opinions matter.  When it comes to something that involves them directly, let them play a part in the decision-making so they can have some ownership of it.  In that same breath, exercise humility.  Your way may not always be the right way!   I know first hand that kids are wayyyy brighter than what they are generally given credit for.  Take the time to actively listen to their ideas and engage them.

Use Your Power to Empower

3.) Provide a safe environment for them.  Make sure that they feel like you’ll always be an advocate for them when needed.

Use Your Power to Empower

4.)  Show them the importance of giving back to their communities.  Provide them with volunteer opportunities.  Do it with them so they can see an example of someone they look up to, doing community service.

Use Your Power to Empower

5.) Lastly, remember that integrity is monumental.  Being honest and transparent with youth fosters trustworthy relationships.

Use Your Power to Empower

I put the heels away for this shoot!  They’re not very far away though haha!  This tee would be super cute with heels and a pencil skirt or tucked in overalls with boots!  Oh the many ways you can style this t-shirt!  When I put it on and looked in my shoe closet and the J’s were staring at me like “Trice…please!  You never spend time with us.”  So the J’s it was, and it totally worked!

Hat:  Target (similar)~ Empower T-shirt:  Target (here)~ Earrings: Kendra Scott (here)~ Black Denim Jacket (similar)~ Red Skinny Jeans (similar)

Use Your Power to EmpowerWhat are some things you do to empower the youth or what are ways you empower yourself or others in general?  Please let me know in the comments below and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!



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