Marco’s Pizza knows Pizza

Hi Dolls,

My name is Trice and I love pizza! I mean, honestly have you ever met a person who doesn’t? I haven’t, and to be quite frank, I don’t know how good of friends we could be. Kidding…not kidding. Who can resist the deliciousness that is oozy cheese and salty meats on a buttery crust? I sure can’t and I’m not ashamed to admit it! As I’ve mentioned in the past, I prefer non-chain restaurants for my pizza so when I saw Marco’s Pizza pop up in the shopping plaza across from my job, I was instantly intrigued. To my surprise though, it is a franchise but being that I had never heard of Marco’s Pizza or seen it before, I was willing to try out something new. Based on the appearance, I knew it wouldn’t be too fancy of a restaurant, but more of a mom and pop delivery style or take out pizza joint. That’s exactly what it is which doesn’t bother me one bit. It was divine intervention when I received an invitation to try out another Marco’s Pizza further up the road. Marco’s Pizza prides themselves on serving authentic Italian quality pizza and after my recent visit, quality would be a good word to describe the pizza I had the pleasure of trying.

Marco's Pizza

So let’s get right to what you want to know! Is the pizza good? Is it up there with the rest of the pizza’s we enjoy for delivery and take out? Should you try them the next time you Netflix and Chill? The answer is absolutely! In fact, the pizza was so good, my friend ordered another one to take home and her husband went back the next day to get second one! After speaking to the owner, we were informed that the ingredients used to make the pizzas are never frozen and prepared fresh, daily. That is a necessity! Per his recommendation, we ordered the Pepperoni Magnifico. This is a classic pepperoni pizza with an addition of “Old World” pepperoni.

What is “Old World Pepperoni”you ask? They are delicious, smaller round bits of pepperoni that sort of curl up around the edges making the pepperoni cup-like. It’s gives you a great mouth feel while eating them because the edges are crispy and the bottom is still a bit tender. When served, the pizza was very fresh and hot and the cheese was super melty which, I’m sure everyone would agree, is a must with pizza. We dined in so I’m not sure how melty it would be, after delivery, but I’m sure you wouldn’t lose that flavor.

Besides pizza, Marco’s serves subs, salads, and wings. We decided to order a side of hot buffalo style wings as an appetizer for our pizza. They were very meaty and very hot but in all honesty, there wasn’t anything too special about them. Nothing to write home about.

Dessert on the other hand, will be a staple every time I visit Marco’s! These are the CinnaSquares! Fresh baked, buttery pastry topped with cinnamon and sugar and vanilla icing. These babies are so delicious and were the perfectly sweet ending to our savory meal.

Overall, we were very pleased with our visit to Marco’s Pizza! I can say with certainty that I would choose them over at least three of the popular pizza chain restaurants we all know so well. The toppings are delicious and the crust is soft and buttery. Together with the hot and melty cheese, you have the perfect bite of pizza! The CinnaSquares are also a must-have! The fact that I’m trying to get my waist snatched back in time for summer, I’m not sure how I feel about there being a Marco’s Pizza in walking distance from my job. The temptation will be there but I don’t think you can order by the slice so I might be good! Anyways, thank you for stopping by! Have you ever had Marco’s Pizza? If not, definitely give them a try. If you love pizza, you’ll love Marco’s!

Have a great rest of your week! It’s Wednesday and we’re almost over the hump!



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