Love Empanadas Factory

Hi Dolls! I love Empanadas Factory! I have always had an affinity for empanadas so when I learned that Jacksonville was opening an entire restaurant dedicated to empanadas, I couldn’t believe my ears! To my surprise, they have even more to offer than empanadas! Empanadas Factory is “a culinary fusion from Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Cuba”, and I am thrilled that they are here!

empanadas factory

When I first entered the restaurant, I noticed that the space was quite small but the walls were very colorful and they were booming with business. There was a wait inside so I chose to sit on the patio. It was a nice and sunny day so I didn’t mind. Though I was outdoors, the wait staff was very attentive to me, super sweet, and accommodating. So about the food! I was at the Empanadas Factory so of course I had to try their empanadas. I learned that they serve both Argentinian and Columbian versions of empanadas. Argentinian empanadas are the ones I’m most familiar with as they are baked in a flaky pastry dough with a variety of fillings. Colombian empanadas are a bit smaller and look as though they’re fried in a corn meal. Because this was my first visit, I opted to stick to what I know, and purchased the Argentinian style empanadas.

They offered 3 empanadas for $6 bucks so I ordered the spinach, beef, and chicken varieties. I ate the beef empanada and it was perfection. Nice and flaky on the outside and well-seasoned beef on the inside. I saved the other two for later since I had a large main entree coming out next.

Before visiting Empanada’s Factory, I did a little research and learned that they sold cafe Cortadito, an authentic Cuban coffee. Guys! This was probably some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

It was very strong but had the right amount of sweetness and a hint of milk. Absolutely delicious! I wish they were open during the hours I travel to work because I’d stop there every morning for this little cup of joe!

I knew before I got there that I wanted to order the flank steak. I was in the mood for a thin, tender piece of beef with chimichurri, rice and beans.

That is exactly what I got with the Churrasco steak dish. Served with white rice and two sides, it was exactly what I wanted. I added sweet plantains on the side that were cooked perfectly and the red beans and rice. I needed a little more seasoning but the chimichurri seemed to do the trick and overall, the dish was good and satisfied that craving I was having.

Overall, I was very pleased with Empanadas Factory and will definitely go back for more. There were a lot of other dishes that I want to try including the tacos, Cuban sandwich, and those Colombian style empanadas. If you enjoy Latin cuisine, definitely give this restaurant a try, you’ll enjoy it! As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!



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