Orange…Orangesicle is the new Black

Hi Dolls! Orange or shall I say Orangesicle, is the new Black…What does that even mean, anyways? Is it suppose to be a good or bad thing? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard of the Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black” (new season coming this month), that chronicles the lives of female prison inmates. With that in mind and that fact the black tends to be associated with negativity, I would assume that the phrase is meant to carry a negative connotation. Well, I’m here to change the narrative! “My Black is Beautiful” so around this neck of the woods, “Orange…{Orangesicle} is the New Black” means next level gorgeous!

I mean, wouldn’t you agree? I fell in love with this beautiful orange dress the moment I saw it. The bright color is actually what drew me in. It reminds me of the old school Orangesicle ice pops I use to get from the ice cream truck! When I tried it on, the color looked stunning next to my skin tone. The flowy feel of the dress drew me in even more! The way it blows in the wind when you walk is so pretty.

orange maxi with slit

Remember when I talked about yellow being a color I use to shy away from (here)? Orange use to be in that category as well.

orange maxi dress

Thank goodness for my evolution of style. I can’t say there’s any color I wouldn’t rock now. I actually just bought a pair of neon green pants with a pair of heels that match, a few weeks ago. Imagine that! I can’t wait to style the neon bright looks!

orange maxi on dock

I wanted to go for a pretty monochromatic look so I added orange earrings, Fenty Beauty Pumpkin Rose lippie, and one dainty gold bracelet.

orange accessories

I wanted the orange to stand out so I was minimal with the rest of my accessories. I think it screams Orangesicle, making it the perfect summer color in my eyes.

orange dress

Last Spring, I bought this dress from the New York & Company outlet so finding one now may or may not be a challenge. Check out similar dresses below! Orange is definitely in for the warmer months. In fact, I’m sure it’ll still be a hit once fall rolls around.

orange smiling

I hope you all are having the most amazing summer! Mine has been pretty fabulous. It’s going by super fast though so, Time…please slow down just a tad! As always, thanks so much for stopping by! It means the world to me!

Have a great weekend!



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