Blondery, a Brooklyn-Based Bakery

Hi Dolls,

Blondery, a Brooklyn-Based Bakery, say that 10 times, as fast as you can! You might get tongue tied, kind of like I did, when I tried these bad boys for the first time! I received this amazing little black box of pecan and salted caramel blondies from Blondery right in time for my birthday and they were definitely the perfect foodie gift! As you’ve probably figured out by now, Blondery, founded by talented pastry chef, Auzerais Bellamy, is a Brooklyn-based, black-owned bakery, who ships freshly baked blondies right to your front door!

Auzerais is a classically trained pastry chef who strives to maintain high standards of quality in her products. It definitely shows from the presentation of her blondies down to the taste! Quality flavors simply can’t be denied.


I was an instant fan the moment I opened up my package. Along with the beautifully wrapped, black box of blondies, she provides you with user-friendly instructions on how to keep your blondies fresh!


I LOVE pecans and and as you can see, there are pecans in every single bite! You can taste the quality in the ingredients and in addition to that, the salted caramel ganache and chocolate chip cookie base made these delicious morsels very hard to put down. I had to share half of them, reluctantly might I add, to prevent myself from eating them all. It would have been really easy to devour them all in a short amount of time.

Currently, Blondery has united with Bakers Against Racism, a group consisting of 2400 bakers from all over the world, to end racism, fascism, and the unjust treatment of Black people in America. Right now, if you purchase the “Brooklyn Blackout” blondies from Blondery, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative. During this time of racial unrest, it’s amazing to watch so many come together for a cause that is so necessary and long overdue.


I thoroughly enjoyed these blondies and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to try them for myself. Blondery is a fairly new bakery and I’m excited to be along on Auzerais’s journey. I highly recommend you try Blondery blondies for yourself. They are shipped nationwide! These blondies would be perfect for any occasion. As always thank you so much for stopping by!



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