Vucca, Italian Food Truck Heaven

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Have you tried Vucca, or the Italian Food Truck Heaven if you ask me! I fell in love with the very first bite! They are a relatively new food truck in town serving up some of the best Italian and Italian-American street food you’ll ever want to eat! I visited Italy a few years back and the flavors from the foods I’ve tried from Vucca, so far, have definitely transported me back. I am working my way through their entire menu so let that serve as a testament to how delicious they are. If you love this Italian fare, I highly recommend you follow Vucca and find out where they’ll be next!

Vucca Food Truck

So first and foremost, let’s talk about this amazing bite of a Brussels Sprout! I can honestly say in all of my years of living, that this is the most deliciously prepared Brussels Sprouts I have ever had the pleasure of eating! Just take a look at the ingredients!

Cavoletti Fritti: Crispy fried brussel sprouts tossed in pomegranate balsamic agrodolce, fresh mint and hot honey.

Who would have ever thought that this childhood veggie could ever be made to taste so delicious?!?! Trust me on this one guys! Food Truck Heaven!

Vucca Food Truck

I have been seeing this little burgundy red food truck all around town and every time I do, my heart flutters. Ok, ok I sound corny but trust me! The moment you try them for the first time, you will totally understand where I am coming from! Okay so back to the food!

Food Truck Heaven

Talk about a cheese pull! What am I chomping on you ask?

Panzerotti: Deep-fried dough stuffed with mozzarella, and a San Marzano basil pomodoro sauce.

When I tell you….this WAS SOOOOO GOOD! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got it but I’m glad I did! I am convinced that everything on their menu is awe-inspiring! Think a cheese pizza roll but 10,000 times tastier!

Vucca Italian Street Food

Annnd another honorable mention…these loaded fries! Ok, I know you’re probably thinking, “What can be so special about loaded fries?” Well bare with me and let me explain.

Italian Street Food

Porcellino Fries: Smoked mozzarella fonduta, white truffle, roast pork, crispy pancetta, charred scallion, over hand cut fries tossed with Sicilian black truffle salt.

These fries are unbelievably good! They’re good enough to eat as a meal all by itself. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you should know that the flavors Vucca puts together mesh so well and in addition to that. the roasted pork was super tender and very flavorful.

Vucca Food Truck

Last but certainly not least are the sandwiches. I think now would be a great time to tell you I did NOT eat all this in one visit. I found myself visiting their food truck a few times over the summer. Like I mentioned earlier, I making my way through their menu! They recently added a Nutella dessert that made my mouth water when I saw their post on IG. But I digress! I originally wanted to try them for their sandwiches and you already know….YES, they are bomb! Starting with this mamma-jamma!

Bracciole: Braised stuffed beef, red wine pomodoro, smoked gouda, Castelvetrano giardiniera, served on a toasted sesame long roll.

Parma sandwich

The Bracciole is delicious but I know the Parma is going to be my go-to! I love chicken parmesan as is so to have it in sandwich form is right up my alley! It bursts with so much flavor! You can see the layers of flavor!

Parma: Fried chicken cutlet, sweet capicola, smoked mozzarella, black pepper ricotta, pomodoro, roasted garlic butter, served on a grilled ciabatta, with marinated long hots and you can add an egg if you’re feeling froggy!

If I haven’t convinced you that Vucca is a food truck heaven, you’re just going to have to find out for yourself. If you follow their Insta, you’ll see all of their delicious food and want to know where they are for the day STAT! All jokes aside, they’re pretty darn good and the owners are so nice! Definitely add them to your list of places to try!

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