Coffee and Books at Sabal Coffee

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Coffee and Books? Yes please! I was in Miami recently and visited the new Miami Design District. This area of town is a fashion lovers dream! They literally have all of your favorite designers in one spot. However, I was there for coffee! I know right! “Trice you went to the fashion district…for coffee?” Yeah, yeah I did! Hey, I’m a foodie and when I learn about cute spots to dine, I’m all about it! I actually ended up at Sabal Coffee by accident. It was a good accident because this coffee was AMAZING and the cafe was adorable!

coffee and books
140 NE 39th St STE 241, Miami, FL 33137 | (786) 542-8977

The Sabal Coffee shop is located in the St. Roch Market within the Design District. It is situated within a food hall so there are other eateries within the market. However, this cafe definitely stands out.

miami design district

As you can see the walled book shelf is color-coded with books making it the perfect backdrop for a photo! Ah to be a blogger these days! Sidenote, there was absolutely nothing of interest in that book I’m holding. I was in full blogger mode LOL!

sabal coffee

There are a few of high top tables you can sit and enjoy your coffee inside and some seating outside. There are also some really cute swings called “Netscape” outside of the Sabal Coffee cafe where you can sit and enjoy your coffee. Super cute!

miami coffee shop

Ok, so let’s talk food and beverage! I didn’t get any pastries this time around but I did peep their empanadas! They are from Fufi Gourmet Empanadas and they looked pretty good. They had a nice assortment ranging from breakfast, chicken, steak, and veggie. Hindsight, I’m kind of upset at myself for not indulging because I LOVE empanadas. I will definitely have to get one next time.

fufi empanadas

I didn’t look too deep into the pastries but I did notice that the chocolate chip cookies they had were vegan!

vegan chocolate chip cookies

It was a pretty warm day so I got an iced vanilla latte. After the first sip I was like “Wow! This may be the best vanilla latte I’ve ever had!” It was absolutely delicious!

sabal cafe

The price of the coffee was on par with most coffee shops I’ve been to so no complaints there. Especially being that it tasted better than most. The baristas were very focused on what they were doing behind the counter which I appreciated. Their attention to detail shows in the quality of the drink.

sabal coffee

Though I was at the Miami Design District for something completely different, I’m glad I found myself in Sabal Coffee. As an avid coffee drinker, I was thoroughly impressed. It’s no wonder they won Miami New Times Best Coffeehouse in Miami in 2019. I will definitely make it my go-to for a good cup o’ Joe when in town!

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