Viet-Cajun Fusion? Phuc Yea!!!

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Yes, you just read that correctly! Before your mind takes you somewhere naughty, “Phuc” in Vietnamese actually means “Blessings and Happiness” but…I am totally here for the play on words! During my recent visit to Miami, I went on an adventure trying to dine at some of the restaurants on my “Must-Eat At- Miami” restaurant list not realizing that particular weekend was Spring Break. Needless to say, getting reservations at any restaurant without a wait longer than an hour was close to impossible. Luckily, I was able to get one at Phuc Yea and only waited about 20 minutes, max! It was the perfect late lunch meal and I’m so happy I pressed my way there after a morning of restaurant disappointments. As the cajun-loving foodie I am, I knew I had to visit once I learned it was a Viet-Cajun fusion restaurant!

Phuc Yea is located in the Miami Shores region of town so it was clear of the non-stop party that was happening near the beach. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t have too long of a wait, but while I did, I took in the views of the front side of the restaurant. There’s a front patio where visitors can dine outside as well as a dining space as soon as you walk in. I loved the decor and appreciated that everyone was following safety precautions with their masks.

phuc yea

I chose to be seated outside, on the back patio. When I first learned of this restaurant, I was intrigued by the beautiful red lanterns around their back patio. I went during the day but I can only imagine how beautiful they look at night, lit up.

red lanterns

So let’s get into the food shall we? Of course, I started with a cocktail and in good fashion, the cocktails were just as punny as the name of the restaurant so I went with the first one on the cocktail list…

phuc yea cocktails

Phuc It, Just Eat Me: Negroni Campari, Dolin Vermouth Blanc, Cocchi Americano Bianco, Bombay London Gin, strawberry, basil.

Such a naughty name for a drink but it sure was good!

negroni cocktail

Before I tell you about the food I had, here are a few things you should keep in mind before visiting Phuc Yea. The water is not complimentary. They bring it out without you asking for it but it costs $1 per person. Phuc Yea is a cashless restaurant so make sure you have plastic in your wallet. Last but not least, 20% gratuity is automatically charged to your bill no matter how many people are in your party. I didn’t learn any of this until I received my bill so needless to say I was a little annoyed. However, I still enjoyed my visit.

Ok, now that the housekeeping is done, on to the food.

cajun fried rice

CRISPY IMPERIAL ROLL: aka. “CHÀ GIÒ” | Shrimp, pork, woodear mushroom, carrot, jicama, nước chấm, gluten free

I really wanted to LOVE these. They were very flavorful but as you can see these rolls were overdone. The flavor was still nice so if I find myself back at Phuc Yea, I’d give the Crispy Imperial Rolls another try!

CAJUN FRIED RICE: Crab, shrimp, andouille sausage, Chinese sausage, pineapple, egg, bell pepper, sriracha aioli, crispy shallot.

This was my favorite of the three dishes I tried. It came in a large bowl so I had a lot left over. It was very tasty and reminded me of the fried rice my mother use to make for me when I was a kid. It was loaded with flavor!

CARAMEL CHICKEN WINGS: Fish sauce caramel, lemongrass, herbage, homemade pickles

These wings were really tasty! Crispy and sticky but tender and juicy on the inside! The flavor was great and they went well with the Cajun fried rice!

phuc yea restaurant

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Phuc Yea! The food was pretty good and I loved the ambiance. I wasn’t crazy about the automatically added gratuity but I think it wouldn’t have been a big deal had I known about the policy beforehand. If I’m ever back in the area, I wouldn’t mind going back, especially at night! There were a few other items on the menu I’d like to try like the Phuc Yea Pho made with brisket and short-ribs so I’ll keep them on my list! How about you?

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