Stay Safe Shopping on Social Media

Hey Dolls,

Stay safe shopping on social media! Whew! If you’re a fashionista like me who can’t resist a cute and unique outfit that pops up on your feed while scrolling, this post is for you! This super cute outfit I’m wearing is from a shop I ran across while scrolling through TikTok. The model, and who I assumed was the boutique owner, looked so cute in the outfit and after she explained how comfy she was while wearing it, I just knew I had to get my hands on one! The pants are cute and flowy and the bagginess can be adjusted to provide little to lots of mid-drift, and with the suspenders it can be worn with a multitude of tops to dress up or dress down the look! I was sold and immediately clicked on the link! When I saw how affordable it was, I placed the order with no hesitation!

tribe and temple

When PayPal was an option for checkout, I figured it was safe enough to order.


safe shopping

My order went through, and I’m wearing the outfit so I obviously received it, however, I saw the boutique pop-up again with the same model in a different outfit and this time when I clicked on the comment section, people were saying the boutique wasn’t legit and that the woman in the video has her own boutique and this particular one was using her likeness to sell the same product. As a matter of fact the model in the videos was also in the comment section asking readers not to purchase from this boutique as her likeness was being used against her will.

social media shopping

Girlllll, it ain’t safe in these social media shopping streets! You’ve really got to do your due diligence when these adorable outfits pop-up on your feed. I thought about canceling my order and requesting a refund, but the outfit showed up on my doorstep that very day! Here is the link to the real boutique I thought I was shopping from! In the meantime, stay safe shopping!

safe online boutiques

In other news, spring is here, summer’s right around the corner, and I am in my zone! It’s my favorite time of year for a ton of reasons with spring and summer fashion being one of them. Ok, ok, soooo I love fall and winter fashion too but the bright looks during the warmer months just puts you in a different kind of mood.

safe shopping online

I am a sucker for a great pair of statement earrings and when I discovered Tribe and Temple at a Market for Makers event I attended last winter, I was immediately smitten. Their accessories are ALL stunning. They’re colorful, handcrafted pieces designed to reflect the culture and character of resilient women. Here, I’m wearing the Tassel Tropical Glam Acrylic earrings. Perfectly lightweight with the right amount of statement! I have a couple pieces from the Tribe and Temple collection and I certainly intend to purchase more, especially from the leather line.

safe shopping online

What’s your favorite season for fashion? The warm and brighter days coupled with warm and brighter clothes really puts me in a mood to get out and about! With summer break right around the corner, I intend to do a lot of bouncing around!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and remember to stay safe shopping on social media!



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