The Hampton Social: Orlando, FL

This teacher and traveling foodie is officially on Summer Break and ready to explore. To get the party started, my friend and I headed to Orlando, FL for a day trip to celebrate! After spending the afternoon sipping grown-up bevs at the new Alice and Wonderland themed cocktail bar, High T, we made our way, afterwards, to The Hampton Social for a bite to eat! I had never heard of The Hampton Social but on the way to Orlando, a friend recommended it so we decided to stop by and I am certainly glad we did!

Hampton Social

Since I had never heard of them before, I decided to do a little research and they are in several locations. The theme of the restaurant is “inspired by the feeling of long summer days spent on the coast.” I’m assuming they mean the coast of The Hamptons in New York! Its decor definitely screams summertime vibes offering the perfect place to enjoy a few sips, bites, and relaxation with a view.

Hampton Social

Of course we started with the Rose of the day to sip on and we ordered oysters and a few coastal bites.

oysters at hampton social

The oysters were pretty good. One half came from the east coast and one from the west. I believe the ones from the east coast were much sweeter than the other but they were good nonetheless. I prefer my oysters on the oceanic salty side but I did enjoy them.

east and west coast oysters

I ordered the crab and shrimp bruschetta made with crab, shrimp, a sweet chili aoili, smoked tomatoes, on a crispy ciabatta.

crab and shrimp bruschetta

This was one of those entrees that made me say “Oooh, I’m gonna try to make this at home!” It seemed easy enough and the flavors were great together. I would’ve liked a tad more seafood seasoning but it was a nice and light bite that was enjoyable alongside my Rose!

hampton social bites

My friend ordered the lobster roll made Maine-style, chilled and creamy on a buttery roll. It came with house-made chips and she said she enjoyed it!

lobster roll at hampton social

I snagged a bite and felt the same way about it as I did the crab and shrimp bruschetta. I probably would have ordered it with their Parmesan-truffle fries for a little more flavor.

Overall, I would definitely go back to The Hampton Social. We went on a whim but I hear their brunch is such a vibe! I agreeance with the website, “Their “Rosé All Day” lifestyle, coastal-inspired cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails creates the perfect social atmosphere!” After looking at the rest of their menu, there is a lot more on it I’d like to explore! Have you ever been to The Hampton Social near you!? If so, what entree would you recommend? As always, thanks so much for stopping by!



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