This Way to Wonderland or High T!

Follow me down the rabbit hole to High T, the new Alice In Wonderland themed cocktail bar in Orlando, Florida! Alice In Wonderland was one of my all time favorite stories as a child so the very moment I caught wind of the opening of the new immersive bar, I knew a reservation had to be made! Of course, before heading down to Wonderland, which is much closer than I thought (just take 95 South to 1-4 and get off on Church Street), I had to do a little more research to be prepared for all of the wonderful strangeness that was to ensue! I feel like the name High T is perfectly fitting for this new bar and speakeasy as they do have high tea offerings on their menu!

As a matter of fact, every evening from 10:06pm to 2am you can enjoy a tea party social with live entertainment and open bar seating.

From the moment you walk into High T, you’re taken on an imaginative trip into Wonderland. Every nook and cranny of the space fills you with nostalgia as you reminisce on the childhood story! There are several different Alice and Wonderland themed rooms including the Red Queen’s Piano Room, The Absolem Caterpillar VIP lounge, equipped with hookah, as well as a roof top space and balcony. And if you’re lucky you may see a character or two roaming around! My friend and I were like two school girls, grinning and giggling at all of the whimsy we were surrounded by inside of High T!

high t orlando

We took a look at the menu and learned that it’s broken into chapters that get “curiouser and curiouser” as you flip through! We also learned that the only food they offer at the moment is pastries but hopefully small plates or a themed brunch in the near future! We indulged in two cocktails each and a few pastries and it was a delight!

high t

Under the “Elegant and Elevated” section of the menu, I ordered the Travel by Hat cocktail.

high t orlando

I loved the presentation of this drink as it was served inside of a glass hat! This type of attention to detail brings me so much delight! The ingredients included Drumshanbo Gin and Fassionola Saturn with an assortment of tea and tropical ingredients. I enjoyed it very much!

high t travel by hat

Under the same portion of the menu, my friend ordered the Flora Persona.

high tea orlando

This drink was made with Empress 1908, Rose City Genmaicha, St. Germaine, Creme de Violette, lavender and a kiss of manuka. It served in a tea pot and over a tea cup with blossoming ice. It’s adorable! We did check the tea pot for mice and we were clear of them *wink*wink!

high t tea party

Under the “Weightless and Whimsical” section of the menu, I ordered the Maybe I’m Dreaming.

high t orlando

I absolutely loved this cocktail from the presentation to the taste! It’s described as a light and velvety-tea infused saketini, made with Haku Japanese vodka, and “snow maiden” sake. It’s then topped with a lychee sugar floss cloud with a butterfly! Adorable and delicious cocktail!

high t cocktail

Under this same portion of the menu, my friend ordered the Knave’s Gambit!

high t cocktail

The description of this cocktail is so cute; The Knave of Hearts stole the Queen’s raspberry tarts and mixed them with Citadel Gin, Aperol and Hibiscus Tea to create this fun cocktail!

high t bites

For our pastries we enjoyed the Twix of Hearts, a caramel pastry cream with salted caramel in a vanilla tart shell, topped with dark chocolate. If you’re a Twix candy lover, you’d enjoy this treat. Keep in mind the caramel is super thick and it is very sweet. We also had the Queen’s Deck of Cream Puffs. I loved the decoration on these and that there was a different flavor in each one.

high t pastries

Overall, this was such a fun visit! Immersive is spot on because you truly feel like you’re in Wonderland from the stairs leading up to the lounge, down to the restrooms. We even got to chat it up with Alice before we left! It was such a good time and I highly recommend checking it out if ever in the Orlando, Florida area, especially if you enjoyed the story as a child! We went in the afternoon during the middle of the week so it wasn’t too crowded but I still would encourage you to make a reservation! To get a little more of a closer view of High T and the shenanigans that my friend and I went through to get there, check out my latest vlog on my new Youtube channel, here!

alice in wonderland

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know which drink you would order in the comments below, or “It’s Off With Your Heads” lol, j/k!



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