Bucket List

Although my blog is dedicated to fashion and food, I wanted to share my ever-growing BUCKET LIST with my blog friends!  Maybe it can inspire you to try something out of the box!  Hey, we only live once so why not do all the things you want to do!!!


Zip-Lining in The Rain Forest
Illustrating a Children’s Book 
Visit Harry Potter World
Experience Quick Sand
Be On TV
See the Grand Canyon (DONE!)
Buy a House (Done!)
Adopt a Dog (again)
Take a Picture under Platform 9 3/4
Go to The Galapagos Islands (DONE!)
Take a picture in a Red Phone booth in England (Done!)
Get Married!
Have Babies!
Be the World’s Greatest Aunt!
Get A Henna Tattoo (Done!)
Be in New York City for The Ball Drop on NYE (done!)
Scuba Dive
Swim with Dolphins
Climb A Mountain
Go on a Missions Trip
Send a Message in a Bottle
Go To a SuperBowl
Visit Egypt & Pyramids
Visit Paris and Eiffel Tower
Ride a Gondola in Venice
Visit Niagara Falls
Visit All 50 States ( I’ve Been to most)
Travel to all 7 continents
Learn to play the violin
Ride a Hot Air Balloon
Go on a romantic picnic with my love
Live in another country (As an adult)
Ride a Horse on the beach
Visit Sistine Chapel
Buy Art at an Auction
Zero Gravity Experience
Ride a Camel
White Water Rafting
Visit Stonehenge
Learn to Sew
Safari in Africa
Sleep on an Overnight Train
Go to the Opera

…and the list goes on and on and on!!!